1962 190 SL
Engine: 1.9 L | Mileage: 74,563 mi | Price: €95,000
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The Mercedes-Benz 190SL is a two door grand touring convertible with a removable hardtop that was produced by Mercedes-Benz between May 1955 and February 1963. A prototype was first shown at the 1954 New York Auto Show.

The 190SL was sold alongside the faster, more expensive Mercedes-Benz 300SL, which it closely resembled both in its styling, engineering, detailing and fully independent suspension, both cars having double wishbone suspensions at the front and swing axles at the rear. However, the 190SL did not use the 300SL's purpose-built tubular spaceframe W198 platform, but was built on a shortened and rust-prone monocoque R121 platform that modified from the W121 small saloon. The 190SL was powered by a new, slightly oversquare 1.9 L straight-four SOHC engine (Type M121 BII), that developed 105 PS that earned itself a reputation for not running that smoothly mostly due to the difficulty in properly synchronising the twin-choke dual Solex carburetors, and that, in detuned form, was later also used in the W120 180 and W121 190 models. The four cylinder engine block of the 190SL was based on the six cylinder engine of the 300 SL. The 85 mm bore was transferred unchanged from the larger engine to the smaller, although the stroke for the 190 SL was reduced from 88.0 mm to 83.6 mm.

The car was available either as a soft-top convertible or with removable hardtop. Optional was a third-passenger transverse seat that could even fit an adult. During its first years the 190SL was available as a sports-racing model with small perspex windscreen and spartan one-piece leather covered bucket seats and aluminum doors, although any competition aspirations were modest. In 1959, the hardtop's rear window was enlarged. Both the 190SL and the 300SL were replaced by the Mercedes-Benz 230SL in 1963.

An immaculate, 100% original example of a rare and highly desired car.


This 190SL has undergone a full restoration with the utmost care and detail. The underbody has been thoroughly restored and is absolutely rust free. The body has been repainted in its original colour and the dashboard and dials are entirely intact and untouched.


The engine still bears the original Solex 44H carburators which have never been replaced, but have been properly adjusted. The throttle shafts and the housing have been overhauled with extreme care. As a result the motor runs very smoothly and  has a stable idling range of +/- 150rpm.


This particular 190SL is one of the most original examples that can be found. 


Make Mercedes-Benz
Model 190 SL
Year 1962
Chassis # N/A
Mileage 74,563 mi
Exterior Color White
Interior Color Black
Engine 1.9 L
Transmission 4-speed manual
Drive LHD
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