At Classic Excellence we offer a complete range of services for classic cars.

Not only do we offer fine examples of classic automobiles in pristine condition for sale, but we also endeavour to assist our clients in restoring, valuating and selling their classic car.


Acquiring a classic car

Apart from the usually well-documented things to look for when buying a classic car, at Classic Excellence we can assist you in making the right choice by taking a slightly different approach. We feel that we must provide you with all the necessary information before you make your decision, not only about the specific marque or model you are interested in, but also its very own history and every major or minor detail associated with the car itself and everything that is involved in owning it.

Selling your classic car

Our long and established experience in the classic automobile market enables us to offer you an accurate valuation for your classic car and assist you in selling it worldwide. Our service is not limited in finding potential buyers, but encompasses all aspects of classic car ownership; repairs and restoration, original parts sourcing, historical data and paperwork, high quality photographs and brochure, promotion, advertising and transportation arrangements.


Restoration services

With over 30 years experience of repairing classic cars, at Classic Excellence we provide high quality classic and vintage car repairs and restoration on all classic automobile marques. Our facilities include a complete state-of-the-art workshop staffed with skilled and experienced motor engineers who specialise in quality maintenance, repair and restoration. We undertake all vehicle body repairs, restoration, crash repairs, part and full resprays, mechanical, electrical and trim work.


Transportation & Logistics

At Classic Excellence we have years of experience in arranging classic car transportation. For any of the services we offer, we can arrange collection and delivery worldwide, whilst ensuring that utmost care and attention is being taken in transporting your vehicle, thus valuing the responsibility you place in us and our affiliates.