About Us

Classic Excellence is about people

At Classic Excellence we carry a fine selection of classic automobiles. If needed we restore or refurbish them with the utmost attention to detail, always respecting their originality and exact specifications, so that they are still today as their manufacturer designed them, and intended for them to drive. When the interior needs refurbishing we try to maintain as much of the original materials as possible allowing it to show its patina as a form of elegance. 

All our vehicles are in excellent mechanical condition and drive exactly as they should, so that their owners can enjoy them to the full.

The founders of Classic Excellence have an accumulated experience of over 50 years in classic cars. Not only have they collected and restored some of the world’s most rare and exotic cars, but they have also worked with famous museums and private collectors. This experience has kept Classic Excellence up to date with the most current market information, which allows us to provide our individual clients with the best possible information and advice in acquiring, restoring or selling classic automobiles.

In few words, we would like to think of ourselves as true purveyors of fine classic automobiles.