Classic cars. For some they are objects of desire; for others, an investment.

For us at Classic Excellence, classic cars are much more.


They represent the care and attention to detail of the designers and engineers that created

these exquisite machines.They carry with them the patina of time, and with it all the unique

moments lived with these cars by their previous owners. They are the utmost expression of

elegance and taste, in true pride of ownership fashion.

But ultimately, they are capable of offering a distinctive driving experience, bringing true joy

to the senses. The sound of the engine, the smell of the interior, the feel of the steering wheel

coming alive. At Classic Excellence we carry a fine selection of classic automobiles, and offer

a full range of services including restoration, refurbishment and valuation. 


Put simply, we would like to think of ourselves as true purveyors of fine classic automobiles.